Workshop On Effective Story Telling And Collaborative Poem Writing Conducted By Performance Story Teller Priyanka Chatterjee For The Students Of STEM World School

Event Time: 10:50 AM

                         Workshop on Effective Story Telling and Collaborative Poem Writing


One of the trickiest arts of all is the art of story-telling and STEM
World School, Barrackpore did just what is needed in todays world of
rat race- to sit back and enjoy a good story. Yes, a session and
workshop on ‘Effective Story-telling and Collaborative Poem Writing’
by Performance storyteller Priyanka Chatterjee was held on 21.11.2017
at STEM World School.

Priyanka Chatterjee is a Performance Storyteller, a Theatre Maker and
an Art Curator. She coaches Professional Storytellers, Teachers and
Parents across the globe, on how to use Storytelling as an effective
means of communication. She uses Docu-Storytelling methods for dealing
with difficult academic subjects for school children. She is a Theatre
Maker, specialized in Theater for Young Audience (TYA), Theatre in
Education (TIE) and Theatre for Social Change.

The workshop at STEM World School had been programmed for students of
classes I-V and Teachers. Miss Priyanka Chatterjee tickled the young
minds of classes I-III by narrating familiar stories- using sounds and
props- an effective technique of storytelling. The children were
engrossed completely and could actually relate themselves to the
characters of the story and to the plot and events unfolding one after
the other.

However, for classes IV & V it was slightly different where the
students were given stories from Aesop’s Fables and they had to
convert the story into a poem. The children were clustered in groups
and each group enacted one story.

The teachers too had an interesting time, learning ‘how to narrate’ a
story rather than merely reading it loudly. At first, Miss Priyanka
Chatterjee enacted two stories and then the teachers were given
separate stories to perform in the form of a skit.

Storytelling, as it may sound, apparently seems to be very easy but we
got to learn many tricks of the trade. The workshop was quite
informative and interesting.










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