Students And Teachers Of STEM World School Visit Umeed Asha Kiran School

Event Time: 01:00 PM

Students and teachers of STEM World School pay visit to UMEED ASHA
KIRAN SCHOOL on the occasion of World Disability Day on 1st Dec 2017

On 1st December, 2017 the students of STEM World School were taken to
a school named Umeed Asha Kiran. The students of classes VI-VIII along
with their teachers visited the school.

It was a wonderful experience as the students got the opportunity to
meet some children who were not “Disabled” rather were “Specially
Abled”. They met so many children who, inspite of being different or
unable to enjoy the life like others, were full of life. The students
of STEM World School sang many songs for them. They distributed food
packets also to them. The students understood their pain and their
heartfelt bore testimony to their realization. The school has all
types of arrangements to help those special children progress in their
life. They prepared some excellent handicraft items which were
exhibited for sale.









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