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Q: Does our Trust/Society need any experience in the education field?

A: No prior experience is required, as our training and support programs will provide you with all that you need to run your school.

Q: Is it compulsory that the land should be owned or rented?

A: No, you may lease it. The lease has to be irrevocable and for minimum 33 years.

Q: How long is the term of a Franchise Agreement?

A: The term is 33 years, beyond which a renewal will be done.

Q: What are the state level regulations on starting a school and the fees and other charges?

A: The State Government does not have any regulation on the fees structure. Before the school starts, an approval needs to be taken from the State Education Board.

Q: Is the royalty payable on revenues or on net income? What is the frequency of payments?

A: Royalty is to be paid on revenue and is to be paid to Academy of STEM India and settled monthly.

Q: Will you help me to construct the building?

A: Yes. We can help and even do the construction on your behalf.

Q: How will I learn to run my school?

A: Apart from the manuals, we conduct training programs for all our branches.

Q: Does STEM provide the books, study material, uniform, etc., or we have to organize the material locally?

A: Yes, STEM provides the books, uniform, study material like worksheets etc. and you don't have to procure the things locally. We will have our own suppliers from whom you have to buy the prescribed books and uniforms. For other school requirements, we have a recommended list of suppliers. However, you are free to have local suppliers if they work out to be cheaper, provided the quality is up to the mark and approved by us.

Q: Do you offer a master franchise or you just have unit franchise?

A: Yes we do give unit as well as master franchise.

Q: Can I start more than one school?

A: Yes, you can start more than one school.

Q: When will the project breakeven?

A: Breakeven depends on various factors such as school capacity, construction cost in the location etc. On an average most projects would break even within the 7th.

Q: How much space is required and of what kind is required (Residential, Agricultural, Institutional or Commercial)?

A: A minimum of 2 acres of land of any type will do as long as it is allowed by the local civic authorities or the conversion is permitted.

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