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Why STEM World School?

•   STEM is committed to its innovative concept of " Learning by Doing"

•   STEM Academy of India has an exclusive license to operate in India

•   Catering to the Aspiring Middle Class strata of the society, which is in teeming millions

•   Teacher Student Ratio is 1:20

•   STEM World School is a Project which has a mind of eight people behind it .They have a collective working experience of 100+ years, pertaining primarily to Education and other related fields of Business

•   Complete course material with necessary timely modifications

•   STEM wishes to start a chain of Schools all over India. Upcoming schools are planned at

Upcoming Schools

Guidance on

•   Site Selection and Interior Layout. City specific Research also provided

•   Establish, Operate and manage the school

•   Branding and Marketing

•   Recruitment and Training of staff (academic and non-academic)

•   Dedicated key accounts manager at your disposal to get resolution for all your queries

•   Continuous updates on current educational developments

•   Day to day operations and periodic review to ensure good quality and student strength

•   Affiliations (CBSE /ICSE/IB)

STEM World School Near Barrackpore Wireless Gate, On Kalyani Expressway, Kolkata - 700121
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